The 16-Story Tracage Development would negatively impact quality of life for the neighborhood and set precedent for projects that want to exceed new master plan’s height limit.

71% of Neighbors Believe the Tracage Must Comply With the NOLA Master Plan’s Current Height Limit

Out of state developers are seeking approval to build a 16-story condo building on the edge of the Warehouse District that will negatively impact neighbors’ quality of life and set a precedent for projects that want to exceed the height limit of the city’s new master plan.

Neighborhood organizations including Warehouse District Preservation Inc. and the Warehouse District Neighborhood Association are opposed to the project at the current proposed height. There are also other waivers developers are asking for including set back requirements and parking spaces. Residents say they could support the project if its scale conformed to the height limit proposed in the city’s new master plan (125 feet).

“The Warehouse District is the jewel of New Orleans residential neighborhoods,” said Salvador Figueroa, a Warehouse District property owner. Residential population in the Warehouse District has doubled since Hurricane Katrina.“We want to ensure that the re- maining properties that could be developed are done so with appropriate size, scale, and function,” said Troy Dupis, president of the Warehouse District Neighborhood Association.

“We believe that residents of other neighborhoods also would not want oversized, out of scale projects in their areas. We are seeking signatures of New Orleanians who agree that all major developments should be of proper height and sign a good neighbor agreement with surrounding residents,” said Warehouse District resident Joshua Rubenstein.

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Warehouse District Residents Overwhelmingly Agree that the Tracage should fit within the New Orleans Master Plan’s Height Guidelines of 125 Feet.

In a poll taken March 6 and 7 of residents of the Warehouse District, 71% said that they think that the Tracage condo development should fit within the new master plan height guidelines of 125 feet. This is a strong affirmation that residents downtown do not want oversized, out of scale projects that would negatively impact their quality of life.

The poll asked residents:

“Some neighborhood residents feel the Trascage development will negatively impact their quality of life and set a bad precedent because it will exceed the height limit of the City’s new master plan by over 50 feet. They would prefer the project fit within the city’s master plan height guidelines not to exceed 125 feet in height.

Do you agree that all new warehouse district developments should comply with the City’s master plan’s height guidelines of 125 feet?”


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